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Trends for 2019/2020 Towards Utopia

15 -17.09.2020 Moscow, IEC Expocentre book a stand

Trend Gallery Heimtextil Russia

For the first time Heimtextil Russia will present a creative concept for implementation of the world trends in the field of interior design for commercial premises, textile deoration and architecture.

Annually, in partnership with renowned designers and trend experts, Heimtextil in Frankfurt publishes an overview of the main trends and trends in modern interior design. Trends 2019/2020 describe the world in which we live in accordance with the new standards. We strive for deeper relationships, spiritual enrichment and more meaning in our lives. The search for a new lifestyle in which awareness and sustainability play an important role will be the main challenge of the coming decades. Heimtextil experts have designated the common vector 2019/2020 as Towards Utopia. In search of modern utopia, everyone chooses an individual route.

We invite all visitors and participants of Heimtextil Russia to follow the route of Trend Gallery and get in touch with the latest collections of the best representatives in the industry of interior design and decoration - premium suppliers of fabrics, wallpapers, paints and decor items.

Trend Gallery project will be presented in the form of an art exposition at the main entrance to the exhibition, as well as in the design concept of the main lecture ground of Heimtextil Russia - Design Space lecture area.

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Participants and partners



Trend: Escape Reality

The new Le Poeme de Fleurs collection from the Designers Guild of the Fall-Winter 2020 season is wealth, sensual elegance and expressive inky black backgrounds.

The artists of the Aestheticism movement, which captured Europe in the second half of the 19th century, saw decorativeness, the charm of handicraft labor, attention to detail both in art and architecture, and glorification of beauty in general.

It was this period that inspired the Designers Guild to create a collection of fabrics and plot panels. Into which are completely new floral patterns, as if appearing from foggy air, skillful ornaments, dynamic geometry, drawings with a hint of monochrome painting with ink from China and Japan, intricate embroideries.

The palette of the collection is blue-violet shades of the night sky, sepia, dressers and cocoa in combination with turquoise, neutral and silvery tones, as well as rich color accents.

"Here, in the Designers Guild, our main task is to show people how easy it is to live with color, texture, patterns, and how they can enrich their lives. Our collection of accessories gives you the freedom to explore your own sense of style and individuality. This season the collection is as if permeated with mystery. Color, geometry, new exquisite textures and expressive shades - all is inspired by the ideals of the Aestheticism XIX movement ”(Trisha Guild).

About the company
The network of stores for the English wall decoration Manders presents a wide range of products for decoration and interior design. English paints of premium brands Little Greene, Farrow & Ball, Designers Guild, wallpapers of all kinds, pillows and carpets, Orac décor stucco decor and British MDF plinth are always available.

A variety of palettes, patterns and textures of English wallpapers and fabrics allows you to create a unique interior in any style: from Victorian classics to laconic Scandinavian style and modern urban minimalism. All materials meet the highest European environmental standards. Many of them are recommended for finishing in children's rooms. The price range of products includes brands from the middle segment to the premium one. Among them are such brands as Little Greene, Farrow & Ball, Designers Guild, Zoffany, Sanderson, Harlequin, Scion, Morris & Co and many others.




Trend: Pursue Play

One of the most popular trends of recent times, won the hearts of many interior designers and even became their signature style. The attitude to the living space as a game on the verge of a foul is seen in Diana Balashova and Kirill Lopatinsky, in Europe Vincent Darre, Jaime Iona and other decorators with a bright sense of humor and optimism are ironic!

Stand riddle, stand game, stand concept is the movement concept of the textile industry as a whole. This is the first collaboration and art statement of textile designer through the presentation of new products in fabrics and accessories on the Russian market. On the stand in full width and beauty will be presented three-meter velvet Designers Guild with a REP ribbon trim from the new author's collection of Galina Lugina "Orphism".  We will play in a big way, we will present a new way of hitching and author's sewing curtains, trendy colors and a unique ornament on reps tapes in a new reading of the work of French artists Robert and Sony Delaunay.

Experiments with form fascinated Delaunay much less than a game with light and color. The characteristic features of the new direction of Orphism are concentric circles and discs of contrasting colors, creating a sense of movement and rhythm written on a plane or represent the intersection of different planes. These techniques used in the creation of REP ribbon with embroidered circles and disks in the currently fashionable colour schemes.




Trend: Emrace Indulgence

In Autumn 2019, Espocada returns to Heimtextil Russia with new collections and its own reading of global trends. In partnership with the organizers, Espocada will present its conceptual view of  Heimtextil trends, focusing on selected designs, nuances of the color palette and updated textures.

For the first time in a long time, participation in Heimtextil Russia will allow guests of the exhibition to see Espocada Autumn premieres during their official closed presentation at Espocada Trend Week.

In Trends Gallery at Heimtextil Russia Espocada will present the trend "Emrace Indulgence" in a stylistic and color palette corresponding to the classics of Art Deco. Rich colors of wealth and abundance: gold, silver, wine, olive. High-quality materials, modern style and craftsmanship will unite in a utopian vision of the future of luxury.

About the company
For more than 20 years, Espocada has been creating interior fabrics and related accessories, being the leader of the Russian market. Cooperation with European designers and experienced German technologists guarantees high quality of each collection. A wide network of 5,000 dealers and partners covers a community of professional designers and decorators throughout Russia. Twice a year, Espocada presents current trends in interior decoration and a renewed lifestyle. Two modern flagship showrooms of the company are opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here you can get expert advice and get closer acquainted with Espocada collections, as well as fabrics, woven fabrics, carpets and wallpaper of legendary brands and European manufactories with a long history.



Missoni Home

Trend: Embrace Indulgence, Go Off-Grid

The Missoni Home brand is a home textile line of the world famous Italian high fashion house Missoni, easily recognizable by its bright and incendiary corporate identity, combining the use of iconic geometric patterns (zigzags, stripes, waves) and filigree work with the color and texture of fabrics. From the very foundation of a small knitwear workshop in the early 1950s, spouses Rosita Jelmini and Ottavio Missoni put fabrics at the forefront: they carefully thought out the texture, ornament and, of course, the color of each knitted fabric. Missoni proved to the whole world that knitwear is a unique material with unlimited possibilities, fitting it into the sphere of high fashion.

No wonder the Missoni designer knitwear in the late 70s was recognized by experts as one of the best in the world - it is exhibited in museums such as the British Museum of Costume and the Fashion and textile museum, the American Metropolitan Museum of Art. The logical continuation of the expansion of the Missoni fashion empire was the creation of the Missoni Home brand in cooperation with the Rosita family company, the T&J Vestor factory, which has been specializing in the production of embroidered fabrics, shawls and pillows since 1921. Missoni Home brand, which is personally supervised by Rosita Missoni, and her niece, Wanda Jelmini, is the art director, annually releases a new collection based on the most fashionable trends that have come from the world of high fashion: actual colors, ornaments, a combination of floral patterns with Missoni signature zigzags and stripes .

But the creation of any Missoni Home collection also begins with fabric: the invented pattern finds its ideal embodiment in optimally selected colors and textures. Missoni Home collection items are universal - they are easy to combine with each other, adhering to the selected color scheme. At the moment, Missoni Home offers a wide and diverse assortment: from home textiles (bathrobes and towels, linens and rugs) to furniture for interiors and exteriors; from lamps and carpets to fabrics and tulle; from decorative poufs and pillows to various accessories (vases, candles).




Trend: Embrace Indulgence, Go Off-Grid

On November 14, 2018, in the center of the capital - near the walls of the White House on 11a Druzhinnikovskaya Street, the new Art & Design gallery Mobillissimi space opened its doors, which appeared in the framework of a fashion design studio that has existed since 2000. On an area of ​​more than 600 square meters, collections of factories Missoni Home, Salda and Agape, Sigma L2 and Chelini are exclusively represented. The luxurious expositions of Rugiano, Castagna Cucine, Poltrona Frau, Contardi, Altrenotti, Composit, V-zug, Kuppersbusch, Barovier & Toso, Oasis, Softhouse give a complete picture of the latest products and capabilities of these manufacturers.

The main objective of the Art & Design gallery Mobillissimi is to combine the best examples of high Italian design (from modern furniture to finishing materials and textiles) and objects of art and antiques in one space. So in the gallery you can see a collection of ancient paintings, sculptures and historical furniture, painstakingly assembled at auctions and in private collections. For example, the gallery presents the works of sculptor Auguste Rodin and Demeter Chiparus, artists Konstantin Korovin, Boris Kustodiev, Alexander Benois, Dmitry Stelletsky, Alexander Yakovlev and furniture makers Raymond Sube, Majorelle, Belmondo.



интерьер с девочкой

Trend: Go Off-Grid

DECOR MAGIC by ARBEN -  this is what the market for interior decoration requires today.

Firstly, the buyer receives a ready-made selection - a carpet + decorative pillows for upholstered furniture. This set makes the interior vibrant, unique, stylish. The work on the selection of these sets has already been done by professional designers and decorators. It remains only to choose a kit to your liking and mood.

Secondly, the general image of the interior, its style and color scheme is easy to diversify by simply changing the set of carpet and decorative pillows to a new one, and most importantly - to do it accurately!

And, of course, an affordable price that allows you to transform the look of your home as often as the mood requires!

About the company
ARBEN is a leading supplier of furniture fabrics in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad. Creating new products, the specialists of our company take into account current trends, pay special attention to quality and design, rely on the needs of their customers (B2B and B2C). For 25 years, ARBEN has been a trendsetter and pioneer in the industry.

The company opens and develops new directions, offering the best for its customers.




Trend: Seek Sanctuary

The search for a space ("refuge") where you can calm your mind, hide from the hustle and bother of environmental factors, is one of the directions of ideas about modern Utopia. AMIGO Trend Gallery partner introduced this trend for Creative Space workshop. Soft pastel colors and minimalistic design were used in the development of the project. With the help of Amigo motorization systems, 2 art panels from sun-protection systems were designed. 12 canvases form the walls of the Workshop, being its most striking interactive object and continue the general intonation of the project philosophy - protection and peace.

About company
Russian supplier and manufacturer of sun protection systems, presenting the best technological and decorative solutions for interiors on the Russian market, developed jointly with international leaders in this industry.

AMIGO company presents a wide range of modern products and solutions: roller blinds, zebra roller blinds, pleated and corrugated curtains, horizontal aluminum, wood and bamboo blinds, vertical blinds, mirage curtains. As well as modern systems of motorization and automation control sunscreen systems and curtains.

AMIGO today is:

  • Fabrics and accessories from leading manufacturers from Europe and Asia
  • Own center for product development and modernization
  • Modern production base
  • Guaranteed high quality products and services