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Our exhibitors: UZTEX (Uzbekistan)

Jul 30, 2018

UZTEX Group was founded in 2009. Company’s production facilities allow producing the entire range of textile products from cotton: all kinds of harsh and dyed yarn and canvas, ready knitted, hosiery and terry products.


UZTEX products are exported to the EU, CIS, USA, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and many others. This brand meets the highest quality standards. This is due to environmental friendliness, economy, wide range, the highest quality of the canvas and the modern design of these products.

Access to 100% natural raw materials in Uzbekistan and the most modern equipment allow producing environmentally friendly products, which are in demand in our time. The business strategy of the company’s group and the high professionalism of its employees allow producing high quality products which are very affordable for the broadest segments of the population.

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