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Curtains and sun protection systems by SUPERtekstil

Sep 14, 2019

фото штор

SuperTekstil regularly completes its range with fabrics with current prints in accordance with design trends in interior textiles. Floral prints are at the peak of popularity, they make the atmosphere more settled and comfortable, they can be used in Scandinavian, classic, eclectic and industrial interiors, they are perfectly combined with natural materials, because modern interiors are becoming more environmentally friendly.

The warehouse program of the assortment of the company @ dr.deco_company allows you to quickly deliver products in Russia. We look forward to introducing you to the latest news. Take inspiration from GARDEN fabrics and give it to your beloved customers!

фото рулонных штор

One of the largest textile holdings SUPERtextil 7 years ago began to develop a new direction - sun protection systems. Today, the company's products are in great demand throughout the whole of Russia. The direction is developing dynamically today, offering the market relevant and sought-after products.

SUPERtekstil at Heimtextil Russia 2019: Е10, Hall 4