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Our exhibitors: Stellini Russia - Ivanovo textile manufacturer with Italian roots

Jul 3, 2019

Stellini is a family-owned Italian company with factories in Argentina, USA, Italy, Russia, Thailand and India, since 1947, producing a full range of fabrics and equipment primarily for the production of textiles, mattresses and furniture.


Stellini Russia is the only enterprise of its kind in Russia producing knitted fabrics in Russia. And one of the key enterprises of the Ivanovo region, producing jacquard fabrics.

In 2020, there will be the opening of a new factory in Ivanovo with an increase in production capacity by 2 times, as well as the creation of a patronage project – the Russian-Italian design center in Russia.

Stellini produces a full range of textiles for the bedroom under the brand name AGIO: ready-made blankets, bed linen, decorative pillows and carpets from fabrics of its own production.

To create textile fabrics and textiles, Stellini uses flax, cashmere, viscose, cotton and other natural threads.

The design center in Milan develops unique designs for any needs and tasks. 

Stellini Russia