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Our exhibitor: Russian manufacturer of home textiles Sofi De MarkO

Mar 19, 2019

We would like to present you our permanent exhibitor – a manufacturer of home textiles from Russia, Sofi De MarkO.

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Set of sateen bed linen "Ninel"

The company founded in 2012 has already managed to attract many retail customers. By 2017 Sofi De Marko has become widely known in Russia and abroad.

The company has its own team of designers led by the company’s management. They create designs according to the latest trends of home interior. It gives an opportunity to renew its range of products as fast as possible by adding new items and the latest trends of home textile.

One of the most popular items in the company’s range of products is bed linen made of sateen. They combine elegancy and originality mostly in Italian style. Sateen fabric is absolutely natural, it is made of folded cotton yarn which is fabricated by special means, which provides good hardness and an indicative sateen gloss and at the same time softness and delicacy of the fabric.

The company also produces bath and kitchen textiles, draperies and accessories. 

Sofi De MarkO