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Our exhibitors: high-quality terry products by Sam Rafoat Textile

May 23, 2019

Sam Rafoat Textile LTD also known as Parisa Towel is a well-known producer of terry goods from Uzbekistan, which now dominates most of Asian countries.


Sam Rafoat’s aim is to produce high-quality products while maintaining competitive prices; to provide and maintain best customer service towards their clients; to continuously improve their technologies and processes; to maintain social accountability towards employees by providing an environmental friendly and health conscious working area.

The company’s range of products includes bathrobes, towels and slippers of various types, colors and sizes.

A separate line in the product range of the company is produced specially for contract industry: Parisa’s premier collection of hotel towels and bath slippers is ideal for the SPA and leisure industry. The company’s products will fit into every hotel room making it luxurious and cozy at the same time.

Sam Rafoat Textile LTD is ready to offer a custom design and pantone colors to satisfy all your needs.

Sam Rafoat Textile