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Our exhibitors: Safetex Mills Hangzhou (China)

Aug 31, 2018

Our exhibitor - a Chinese company Safetex Mills Hangzhou - presents Ascato brand.


Ascato is a new top-class brand which was created by Safetex and an Italian Enterprise.ASCATO makes full use of the organic nature fibers, such as silk,cotton ,linen.That's to say Ascato focuses on the silk,cotton,linen fabrics,and promotes the natural,environmental and lowed-carbon life .All of the designs are mainly developed by western designers from GIACOMO BARZAGHI,Trendart International Textile & Surface Pattern Studio,and AL-Over Designs in Italy.

The styles and color matches vary from modern fashion ,classical, luxury, European style, Chinese style, noble elegance to simple luxury,which are the most popular ones from Europe. It caters for all kinds of different needs from the high consumers all over the world.

Safetex Mills Hangzhou at Heimtextil Russia 2018: A30, Hall 4

Safetex Mills Hangzhou