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Design Awards: prizes by the cult brand of Pantone

Aug 6, 2018

Each of the first three finalists will receive a present by the cult brand of Pantone: a set of colous guides PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS


А set of fans PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Guide includes 2310 colors PANTONE in print format for design of fashionable accessories, cosmetics, household goods, products, paints, interiors, etc.

Color solid plates are bled and have a large size (4,3 x 2,1 cm), which makes it more comfortable to compare real patterns and their samples. As not all Pantone Textile colors can be properly reflected on a computer screen, it is very important to have an opportunity to see a real sample of a dye while choosing colors.

Colors in Color Guide are arranged  in chronological order, that is, related colors, such as blue or green tints are displayed next to each other in order to speed up creative color selection and make it more comfortable. And index allows quick finding of a certain color by its number.

Information of a selected color is easy to send to other counterparts, for example, fabric suppliers by using an individual Pantone number. In order to make colors’ names sound good, every color in Fashion, Home and Interiors Color Guide along with a number has a title, for example, Zephyr Green, Coral Pink.

The set includes 2 fans with 2310 colors, one with “cold” colors, another with “warm” ones. A comfortable, compact set format is perfect for buying examples, meetings with clients and business-trips to manufactures. It is your full, comprehensive library of colors in compact format.