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Design Awards: prizes by the professional brand OttLite

Aug 8, 2018

Each of the first three finalists will receive a present by the professional brand OttLite: compact OttLite 13W Task Lamp.

OttLite 13W Task Lamp

OttLite table lamp with a foldable lampshade is suitable for handicrafts, office, student, home and other work tables. Thanks to its small base and fully foldable design, the lamp takes up little space and fits even on the most loaded desk.

The lamp is recommended for a wide range of activities: drawing, knitting, embroidering, beading, scrapbooking, electronics repair and soldering, long reading, especially small text, color selection and other tasks that impose a burden on the eyesight. Foldable design with carrying handle makes the lamp easy to transport and allows you to easily take it with you to meetings and negotiations, trips and business trips.