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Turkish brand Lodos - roller blind cutting machines

Sep 13, 2019

Our company TUNCA TEKNİK has established since 1995 with the aim to operate in the garment industry cutting machines.

manuel dikey kesim

Our brand Lodos has established since 2010 with the aim to operatein the roller blind & zebra curtains cutting machines industry. We are producing our product under Lodos brand.  We provide full support for roller blind and zebra curtain cutting machines. As well as meeting the needs of local market, we also exporting 27 different countries in the world (China, Canada, Europan, Jordan, America, İsrail, South Korea, Morocco, İran etc….)

Our mission is to perform domestic and overseas markets selling high quality products to our customers at the same time to be able to offer our customers the best price.

Our vision is a being well known company in the world for roller blind & zebra curtain cutting machines market.

If you want to be the best, be one step ahead in competition.


  • Continuously and good Quality production
  • Quick response for orders and Quality issues
  • The best service prices
  • Efficient usage of energy and natural resources
  • Friendly production for environment
  • To be open to new developments