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Meet identity architect Peter Ippolito at Heimtextil Russia 2019!

Jul 17, 2019

Architecture of identity is the unique approach in design creation practiced by Ippolito Fleitz Group.

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Architect, designer Peter Ippolito

And this year on the grounds of Heimtextil Russia you will have a wonderful chance to meet in person the founder of this studio – professional architect, interior designer Peter Ippolito.

Having a solid experience of designing residential and commercial premises in the USA and Germany, as well as professional teaching activities, in 2002 Peter Ippolito together with Gunter Fleitz set up a multidisciplinary design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group.

The studio describes themselves as identity architects, whose aim is to translate the complex identity of their clients into an appropriate design. Ippolito Fleitz Group do not stand for a particular design language, but for a way of working that is holistic and puts the customer at the center. In addition to architects and designers, the studio employs graphic designers, brand and materials specialists and historians, which allows not to think from one direction only, but to get a complex understanding of the client and his tasks in all their facets.

Today Ippolito Fleitz Group employs 100 people at its three locations in Stuttgart, Berlin and Shanghai. The studio is the owner of more than 300 prestigious International and National awards in the field of architecture and interior design. It’s the first German design studio, admitted to Interior Design magazine’s prestigious Hall of Fame. 

Ippolito Fleitz Group’s portfolio includes realized projects all over the world both for residential and public spaces: hotels, restaurants, bars, workspaces, showrooms, etc. Among the clients of Ippolito Fleitz Group there are such brands as Adidas SLVR, Tom Tailor, AEB headquarters in Stuttgart, Palace of International Forums in Uzbekistan, Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center and a number of projects in Moscow: BORK Flagshipstore, Technopark Corporate Architecture, The Tailor Shop jewellery store.

We asked Peter to say a few words about some selected projects with the use of textile in their decoration:


"A Cocktail & Champagne Bar in Stuttgart’s red-light district:

  • Looks still the same today (our work is of timeless quality 😊)
  • Highlight is the bar!
  • The sides of the bar are covered with an imitation leather that is metallized. Looks very stylish.
    The material is also very rugged and reminds one texture-wise of a Chesterfield, epitome of a club sofa
  • The same material is also used for the ceiling and the big lamp hanging over the bar
  • Some walls are fully covered with a curtain. In 2009 that was something special
  •  We also used some high-floor carpets. Stylish – and with a very snugly effect"
See full project

"A new workspace for a big international consultancy:

  • We used lots of different carpets there, many of them are custom-made
  • The carpets show polygonal lines. Reason: We had to optically oppose the ceiling, since it looks very uniform, and we were not allowed to touch her
  • The carpets create zones for talking and meeting – and also for eating (the cantina looks therefor not like an cantina)
  • The carpets also give the whole office a very homely atmosphere. This is important, because the consultants working there are many times on the road and like to have a safe haven, they love to come back to
  • The Bouclet-structure of the carpet fleeces provides for a high light reflection, which creates a comfortable atmosphere
  •  The colourful leather punchbags are custom-made
  • We have covered many special panels with textiles. The fabrics are deliberately chosen in such a way that they look like the fabrics of suits and business shirts"
See full project

"A project where small is undoubtedly beautiful: The Tailor Shop jewellery store nestles in a converted ventilation shaft of only 10.2 m² in Moscow’s Atrium Mall. 

The fully leased mall meant it was time to get creative in order to generate new retail space within the existing floorplan. The compact size of the store sparked the idea of creating a walk-in jewellery box. Its walls are panelled in fuchsia velvet-covered diamond rhombuses, alternating with embedded rhomboid display cabinets. Sophisticated, invisible opening mechanisms for display and storage cabinets are integrated in the design. A mini cash desk contains everything necessary and mirrors the shape of a growing crystal."

See full project

See other projects on the website of Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Peter Ippolito will make a presentation at Heimtextil Russia 2019  on 18 September in Design Space lecture area (IEC Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, Hall 3, D10).

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