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Interview with Kirill Ovchinnikov, winner of design contest "Telling Your Textile Story"

Jan 23, 2018

In 2017 Heimtextil Russia held its contest for designers and decorators, which has already become the traditional and one of the most anticipated events of the fair. The theme of the contest 2017 was textile print for interior fabrics. The winner was awarded with a unique opportunity to exhibit in Heimtextil 2018 in Frankfurt. Russian artist Kirill Ovchinnikov became the lucky one, and on January 8-12 he exhibited with his prints on the world biggest professional trade fair for home and interior textile. We asked Kirill to tell us about his participation in Heimtextil 2018.

Kirill Ovchinnikov

- Kirill, please share your main impressions of Heimtextil 2018 in Frankfurt.

The main impression is the huge area of the fair grounds; visitors can use a special bus to get from one pavilion to another. The evening party programme and different lectures and workshops were perfectly organized.

- You exhibited in the pavilion of textile design. Please describe it.

It included more than 200 leading design studios from all over the world; there were many English, French, Italian and Scandinavian designers. 

- What can you say about the level of works of your foreign colleagues?

At Heimtextil Frankfurt all design studios sell their ideas, that’s why they had to create their collections considering the buyers’ needs. Among the main trends one can highlight tropical motives, ethnical designs, geometrical prints, designs with exotic animals and birds (flamingos, zebras, giraffes, toucans, parrots). These styles were present almost at every booth. The level of works was different: from very professional (companies with a solid experience on the market and a big staff of designers and managers) to rather mediocre ones.

- Your prints are very distinctive. How did the visitors react to your works?

Visitors from different countries reacted in different ways. The French, Italian, Dutch and British visitors seemed to be most interested and they recommended to present Kirill Ovchinnikov Home collection in these countries.

- What were your goals for participation in this trade fair? Did you succeed to reach them?

I had two main goals on this fair: to show the visitors that Russia has design equal to the famous and promoted world brands and to find manufacturers for creation of interior textile collections. I have reached both of them.

- How would you evaluate at the moment if participation in this fair helped to develop your business?

First of all, I am an artist and I create my own artistic style. And it’s not just business – it’s something else. Anyway, at the moment it’s a bit early to evaluate the results of the fair, but there were very many people interested in co-operation.

- Was it your first participation in such trade fair as an exhibitor? If not, how could you compare Heimtextil to other similar grounds for designers?

Exhibiting at Heimtextil Frankfurt is my first participation in a professional International interior trade fair, because Kirill Ovchinnikov Home collection was created just a year ago. I have a big experience of participation in fashion exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Monaco. I have always presented my style, not depending on trends. As I do not sell my ideas, I don’t have the need to adapt to anybody’s preferences and tastes. Moreover, some designs that I used three-four years ago in my fashion collections, have migrated to the world interior trends. For example, “Flamingo”, “Pineapples”, etc. 

- To your mind, what are the strongest sides of Heimtextil trade fair?

The strongest sides of this fair are, of course, flawless organization, enormous number of exhibitors and professional visitors, nice location.

- Why designers should participate in such trade fairs?

If a designer wants to present his ideas all over the world, then participation in such trade fairs is simply necessary!

- What would you wish your Russian colleagues?

I would advise designers to be more active. It is necessary to follow all novelties in your sphere and to aim at being unique. 

Check how it was at Heimtextil 2018