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Fringe programme: Online Sales at Heimtextil Russia

Aug 22, 2018

INTERACTIVE PROGRAM FROM THE BUSINESS PRACTITIONERS THAT ALLOWS YOU TO DIVE INTO THE DIGITAL WORLD - ON SEPTEMBER 20. Appraise your digital skills level, come to know the business cases of the online solutions for manufacturers, dive into the strategies of a digitally-based growth and development.


In a “Manufacturer and retailer in the digital economy conditions” section, we prepared the relevant questions that are currently of a special concern in a manufacturers and retailers medium, and will answer them using a unique format of an interactive discussion. You’ll be able to communicate the speakers online, answer the test questions and get a feedback relevant to your company.

During 3 hours’ session business practitioners will introduce the program’s participants to the worldwide and nationwide trends in the world of digital technologies, present the cases of the digital development and growth strategies applied by the product companies that have already succeeded in a digital market, make an overview of the marketing instruments and tools.

The speakers – Natalia Petukhova and Elena Komkova – will discuss the important and currently topical questions regarding: a digital ecosystem building; how to transform the manufacturer’s online-resources into a brand value center for the market players; transformation of the relations with a customer and a customer’s experience; the tricks and methodology of a successful digital toolbar implementation.

For those who have started their way into a digital reality and for those, who are interested in a practical knowledge acquisition, the educational programs will be presented: the strategies of a growth and development in a course of a digital transformation, marketing and sales online.

Time: September 20, 11 am - 2 pm
Location: Conference area, Hall 4

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