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Our exhibitors: Feiler - exclusive German bathroom textiles

Aug 9, 2019

For more than 30 years, the name of Feiler stands for high quality bath textiles and accessories made from unique chenille and fine terry towelling.

All products are "Made in Germany". Ernst Feiler is reknown for its high quality and distrinctive designs produced to the highest manufacturing standards. With enthousiasm and passion Feiler creates their collections according to the motto "FEILER - for a real good feeling."


Margo - elegant beauty of opulent flowers


The lush beauty of blooming summer flowers has skillfully been captured in the new Special Limited Edition design "Margo".

Large flowers in bright violet and yellow together with the green of the leaves create a beautiful look on the black background. The delicate butterflies complement the successful composition, reminiscent of a magnificent painting. The border colors in black, green and violet complete the picture.

KLATSCHMOHN/ CORN POPPIES: Tenderness and passion


The design KLATSCHMOHN is a real eye-catcher and makes the mood for summertime.

Once the deep red flowers of the poppy appear, the bright and warm time of the year has finally started. Inspired by this summer motif, FEILER, the world's leading manufacturer of bath textiles made from genuine, colorfully woven chenille and the finest terry toweling with a chenille border, launches the CORN POPPIES pattern and dedicates it to the "Design of the Year 2019" award.



It all started with floral, opulent designs, which continue to enjoy great popularity. Founded in 1928, the German family business FEILER has been synonymous with luxurious bathroom and home textiles 'made in Germany' for over 90 years.

The new Passion Dessin DIANA BLUE takes up this theme: large, noble peonies decorate the dark blue background in a trendy country house style. With great attention to detail, this design also portrays nature in all its beauty.