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Interview with the winner of Heimtextil Russia Design Awards 2018

Feb 5, 2019

Dear friends, as you know, the winner of Heimtextil Russia Design Awards 2018 became Maria Mamay, a student of Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. In January Maria participated with her booth at Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt. We are glad to present this interview with Maria, where she shares her impressions.

Maria Mamay, winner of Heimtextil Russia Design Awards 2018

Maria, please share your impressions about Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt.
The trade fair first of all impresses by its scale, the number of interested specialists from all oveer the world and of course perfect organization. I have never seen anything like this before!

You exhibited with your works in Design Pavilion. Can you describe it? 
The Pavilion is a huge hall with a big number of booths presenting art studios, designers from different countries and design schools - everybody, who is into the development and creation of design for interior fabrics and surfaces. The pavilion also included Trend area with a lecture space, exposition of the companies developing software for designers and fabric manufacturers. Equipment for print on textile was presented in a separate exposition. Thus, Design pavilion included the whole range from creative concept to its implementation on the material with the help of the most up-to-date technologies.

Did you see other designers' works? What can you say about the level of your foreign colleagues? 
There were many designers and studios from different countries; and their works are very diverse both by style and direction. These are hand or computer drawn sketches, there are no limitations in the presentation of materials, everybody demonstrated very creative approach.

Did you have time to see other pavilions of the fair? What are your impressions?
Most af all I liked the expositions Decorative & Furniture Fabrics and Interior. Architеctor. Hospitality Expo.  Beautifully and creatively decorated booths with quality products. 

Was it your first participation in such a big trade fair?
It's my first experience of participation as an exhibitor in such a significant event, very useful and interesting experience, that will allow me to develop professionally.

Please, tell us, how was your work on the booth? How did the visitors react to your designs?
Most of the people who were interested in my designs, work with interior fabrics (curtians, bed linen and furniture fabrics). So the major part of work on the booth is communication and contact exchange for further cooperation. It was also nice to mark interest and positive feedback not only from the visitors but exhibitors as well. 

What were your aims for participation in this fair and did you succed to reach them?
Before the beginning of the fair I set a few important tasks, so that to make some conclusions in the future: to find out the fair specifics, present myself as a designer, compare my level of works with the level of other exhibitors and make contacts with different companies - manufacturers of textile to get the opportunity to realize my design. In my opinion, I succeeded to do it all and even above. 

How do you think, will participation in this fair help to develop your career? 
I think that Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt is an enopurmous step to develop the career of a designer. Such experience allows to figure out the basic principles of a commercially successful designer, analyse demands of real clients and their specialties dependong on the country, where they produce their products. 

What are the strongest features of Heimtextil? 
Besides high level of organization and professionalism, it's the wide geography, which gives an opportunity to communicate with people from absolutely different places of the world. And, of course, information about the trends of textile development. I was most of all impressed by the decoration of the Trend area.

Why do you recommend designers to take part in such fairs?
Designers need to take part in the fair to polish up their skills and keep up to date. Besides, a trade fair is a perfect ground for professional communication, exchange of experience and making a good trade. 

What is your key message to your colleagues?
First of all, I want to wish my colleagues to be more open to everything new, to experiment and, of course, to participate in all possible professional contests, because it is a perfect chance to show their skills and get an objective, diverse evaluation of their works. And I also wish every designer to have an opportunity to visit Heimtextil in Frankfurt! 

Video testimonial by Maria Mamay

Video textimonial by Ekaterina Polyakova, Head of Design-Textile faculty in Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry