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Our exhibitors: Caramella (Poland)

Jun 28, 2018

Caramella was founded in 2010. It is the producer of furniture and accessories designed for baby's and older child's interiors. All Caramella's products are made by the company - from the idea, through the design, to the production.


What makes Caramella so special? It offers ready-to-apply sollutions for completed and stylish furnishing a child's interior. Each of the company's products is designed to be a part of a compact collection and, at the same time, to function as an individual element in already existing interior. The highest quality, original patterns, special care of details and handmade production are main features of every Caramella's product.  

Caramella products are dedicated not only to parents who design an interior for their child, but to all people who look for high-quality products. You will find here accessories for infants, babies and children and furniture which are useful and functional for many years. What is more, Caramella offers many beautiful and elegant items which can be given to close friends as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Caramella products includes 4 furniture lines and many accessories collections including:

  • furniture for baby and child
  • upholstery furniture (feeding armchairs, armchairs and chairs for children, poufs and footstools)
  • boxes, trunks and blanket boxes (wicker and furniture)
  • curtains and window blinds
  • bed and cot accessories (bedclothes, cot bumpers, blankets, sleeping bags, baldachins, baby carousels)
  • bath accessories (towels and bathrobes)
  • bedspreads and decorative pillows
  • lighting (lamps, sconces, chandeliers)
  • decorations (pictures, letterings, pendants, garlands, cuddly toys)

All Caramella's products are available in their online shop - shipments and delivers to every destination in Poland and other European countries.

Caramella website

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