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The list of the best textile decorators of the CIS countries has been determined according to Heimtextil Russia 2021!

Sep 22, 2021

The awarding ceremony of the 1st International Award for Textile Designers and Decorators in the CIS took place at Heimtextil Russia 2021 trade fair (IEC Expocentre, Moscow) on September 15, 2021. In addition to the main nominations winners, the Jury and the Expert Council of the Award determined the list of the best in the profession. The list includes decorators from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

The Award was the first large-scale competitive event in the textile decoration industry. Members of the Jury and the Expert Council evaluated 276 portfolios: 119 in the "Modern Interior" Nomination, 108 - in the "Classic Interior" Nomination, 49 - in the design category for commercial facilities. In total, all portfolios contained 871 works from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries.

The Jury included eminent designers and architects, representatives of international trend bureaus and media: Kirill Istomin (Kirill Istomin Interior Design & Decoration), Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova (Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design), Alexey Dorozhkin (Elle Decoration), Natalia Preobrazhenskaya (interior studio "Ujutnaja Kvartira"), Anne Marie Commandeur (design studio Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, Netherlands), Milou Ket (Milou Ket Styling & Design, Netherlands), Laura Sharipova (Association of Designers and Architects of Kazakhstan), Kirill Kukharchuk (European School of Interior, Design and decor Design & Decor). 

The Expert Council was represented by professionals from the textile decor industry: Galina Lugina (Design Bureau GL), Olga Loktionova (Studio Details), Natalya Zorina (Studio Desproom), Ekaterina Egorova (House of Decor Fusion), Irina Sosnitskaya (ATDDU, Textile Hub Ukraine”), Yesenia Semipyadnaya (Union of Textile Designers, Studio “Three Designers”), Maria Belova (WilliZ), Anna Runof (WilliZ), and Marianna Mogilevskaya (Studio Glass). Textile decorators from the Expert Council were also included in the list of the best in the profession. 

 “I’ve met amazing professional expertise, ambition and courage. The huge amount of details, complexity and also size and volume of the projects were sometimes breathtaking. I felt humbled at times and lacking knowledge of the CIS-countries rich cultural heritage to assess the significance of all the details in the projects. I went three times through the full voting procedure, to be able to cast my vote substantiated,” share her impressions Anne Marie Commandeur, jury member, co-author of the annual Heimtextil trendbook, Dutch trendologist.

Voting identified the winners of 3 Nominations and the special partners’ nominations.


Winners of the main Nominations

Nomination №1: Realized projects of textile decoration of living space in the "Classic Interior" style:

1 place: Lesya Smarovoz (Kiev, Ukraine)

2 place: Elena Svidlo (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

3 place: Natalia Samoylova (Moscow, Russia)


Nomination №2: Realized projects of textile decoration of living space in the "Modern interior" style:

1 place: Daria Vetrova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

2 place: Eleonora Tarkhova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

3 place: Tatyana Kovaleva (Moscow, Russia)


Nomination №3: Realized projects of textile decoration of commercial and public spaces (hotel, restaurant, office, theatre, sports club, beauty salon, theater, etc.):

1 place: Olga Filimonova (Moscow, Russia)

2 place: Nina Prima (Kiev, Ukraine)

3 place: Elena Belikova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Prizes and awards for the winners of the nominations

The first place winners - Lesya Smarovoz, Daria Vetrova and Olga Filimonova - received prizes from the organizers and partners of the Award:

  • A trip to the world's largest exhibition of home and contract textiles Heimtextil Frankfurt (11-14.01.2022) from the organizer of Heimtextil Russia - MESSE FRANKFURT;
  • Certificate for products with a nominal value of 1000 Euros from one of the largest players in the interior textile market in Russia and the CIS countries, ESPOCADA;
  • Curtain tape "Wave" box from the leader and trendsetter in the sector of high quality curtain tapes, the Austrian company BANDEX;
  • Certificate for online education course with a nominal value of 1000 US dollars for the online course "Interior Design and Decoration" from DESIGN & DECOR SCHOOL.

GERMAN GRASS, the Austrian brand of Luxe bedding, presented the highest quality bedding to the winners 2nd places in the Classic Interior nomination (Elena Svidlo, St. Petersburg) and 3rd places in the Commercial and Public Spaces nomination (Elena Belikova, St. Petersburg, Russia).

One of the largest manufacturers of curtain textiles and finished products in Russia and Turkey, SUPERtextil holding, awarded a certificate for products with a nominal value of 50,000 rubles Nina Prima (Kiev, Ukraine), which took 2nd place in the category "Commercial and public spaces". 

DC HOME, a supplier of sun protection systems and interior fabrics, congratulated the winner of the 2nd place in the "Modern Interior" nomination. Eleonora Tarkhova was awarded a certificate for products with a face value of 50,000 rubles.

The steam generator and ironing board from the partner of the Award, the BRAUN brand, were received by Tatyana Kovaleva from Moscow, who won 3rd place in the "Modern Interior" nomination.

The dynamically developing Russian brand of home textiles TKANO, for which Dima Loginov designs, congratulated the winner of the 3rd place in the category "Classic Interior" Natalia Samoylova (Moscow) with a certificate for products for 30,000 rubles in equivalent.

Special Nominations Winners

1)    Tatyana Burakova (Moscow, Russia) received special prize from the Expert Council and the Award Organizers in the category of textile design of public spaces for her outstanding contribution to the design of theater spaces.

The organizers of the Award presented Tatyana with the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Cotton Planner with tear-off paper samples. Decaro, which exclusively represents 27 leading world brands of designer wallpapers, panels and textiles in Russia and the CIS countries, congratulated the winner with a certificate for a Gold-level loyalty partner program.

2)    The Expert Council chose its favorites in the special nomination "Complicated window" established by them. The creative pair of Olga Krutskikh and Yulia Propp from Tyumen became the winners. German Grass congratulated the winners with Luxe bedding.

3)    The international educational project "Design & Decor school" chose 3 decorators and awarded them certificates for online education course in a special nomination "For saving the interior with textiles":

4)    Yulduz Shahin (Moscow, Russia) received the maximum number of votes based on the audience voting. Bandex presented the winner with a box with a “Wave” curtain tape.


5)    Also, BANDEX, which is an expert in the curtain tapes market, chose and awarded special prize Natalia Bonik (Zhukovsk, Russia) and presented the contestant with a gift box with the company's products.

TOP-50 textile decorators


1.Liana Amirbekova (Russia)

2.Evgenia Antipova (Ukraine)

3.Elena Bachilo (Belarus)

4.Elena Belikova (Russia)

5.Natalia Beresneva(Russia)

6.Anna Bodareva (Ukraine)

7.Natalia Bonik (Russia)

8.Tatyana Burakova (Russia)

9.Daria Vetrova (Kazakhstan)

10.Irina Golovanova (Russia)

11.Elena Gololobova (Ukraine)

12.Natalia Golubaeva (Russia)

13.Galina Guseva (Russia)

14.Nadezhda Dmitrienko (Russia)

15.Tatiana Doronina (Russia)

16.Alexandra Zhogova (Russia)

17.Anna Zueva (Russia)

18.Natalia Zueva (Russia)

19.Alla Ivanova (Russia)

20.Liudmila Kalichevskaya (Ukraine)

21.Tatiana Kovaleva (Russia)

22.Maria Kovalchuck (Ukraine)

23.Tatyana Kozlova (Russia)

24.Natalia Korenkova (Ukraine)

25.Natalia Kostomarova (Russia)

26.Marina Kruglova (Russia)

27.Creative pair Olga Krutskikh _ Yulia Propp (Russia)

28.Elena Lavrenyuk (Ukraine)

29.Albina Lisitsa (Russia)

30.Yulia Lozovskaya (Russia)

31.Elena Madykh (Russia)

32.Leila Metref(Ukraine)

33.Anna Miller(Russia)

34.Oksana Nikolaeva (Russia)

35.Lilia Pashkovskaya(Ukraine)

36.Natalia Petrova (Russia)

37.Nina Prima (Ukraine)

38.Yulia Prikhodko (Russia)

39.Natalia Samoylova (Russia)

40.Elena Svidlo (Russia)

41.Svetlana Sild (Ukraine)

42.Lesya Smarovoz (Ukraine)

43.Evgenia Starchenko (Ukraine)

44.Marina Streltsova (Russia)

45.Eleonora Tarkhova (Russia)

46.Irina Teplova (Russia)

47.Olga Filimonova (Russia)

48.Irina Tsapok (Ukraine)

49.Natalia Shkatova (Russia)

50.Oksana Shnitko (Russia)


*all portfolios of competitors on the Award Platform