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Our exhibitors: Fabrics from the German manufacturer Hohmann

Jul 12, 2021


The German manufacturer Hohmann GmbH has one of the largest weaving mills in Europe with a full-stage production cycle: from design in its own studio to fiber production and finishing.

The company releases two collections a year, which include about 150 new products. The range of products consists of multi-colored articles and dyed in a piece of fabric: veil, mesh, cambric. The product is offered in different widths: 150cm, 280cm and 300cm. Thanks to own production, upon the request of customers, it is possible to develop and manufacture articles for individual orders (from 200 m).



Features of Hohmann fabrics:

  • Fabrics 100% polyester. This allows you to use the maximum number of different effects. In this case, fabrics can be washed at a temperature of 30 - 40 degrees and ironed without steam.
  • The fabric does not fade.
  • Baptiste visually and tactilely does not differ from fabric made of natural fibers, but at the same time does not shrinks and does not peel.
  • When creating threads, the ropes are twisted on a special machine to increase strength threads. (The value is 1000 turns). Due to this, all Hohmann veils do not wrinkle and not need iron after washing.

All fabrics of the manufacturer are double-sided finishing (heat treatment for stabilization). Due to this, both sides can be used for interior decoration, double-weave nets are stable and do not stretch over time.

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