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Textile designers and decorators Award: German brand Braun to grant the winner special prizes

Jun 23, 2021

The official partner of the 1st International Award for Textile Designers and Decorators German brand Braun will grant the 3rd place-winner in the Nomination Realized projects of textile decoration of living space in the "Modern interior" style one of the most powerful steam generator in the portfolio - Braun CareStyle 7 Pro and the ironing board Braun IB3001 BK.

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro – compact and powerful steam generator


A steam generator or an ironing system has long been known in the world of professional designers and fashion stylists. What about using it at home? Braun has been creating steam generators for many years so that you always get the perfect ironing result at home.

What is important for a professional user in a steam generator? Of course, the pressure, the volume of the water tank and the iron, or rather its sole.

The unique FreeGlide 3D outsole shape is made like a snowboard, which allows you to iron both forward and backward easily without creating creases, which saves time and nerves. And thanks to the Eloxal Plus coating, the iron will glide easily over any fabric, not being afraid of metal zippers and buttons.

The volume of the water tank is 2 liters, which is enough to iron for a long time without adding water. It is located at the end, which makes it easy to remove and install.

This steam generator is capable of delivering up to 500 g / min of steam under a pressure of 7.5 bar, so that the laundry will be perfectly ironed, even linen and thick cotton. And of course, with these characteristics, the Braun steam generator can easily be used for vertical steaming of delicate items or curtains. But, if you still prefer to iron on the board, then iCare technology will protect your clothes with a safe temperature for all types of fabrics. This is the "intellectual protection" of your wardrobe.

There must be harmony in everything, and the Braun steam generator is a unique combination of characteristics that will allow the most demanding professional to care of clothes and fabrics at home.

The steam generator will become a good assistant not only at home, but also when traveling for hanging and steaming curtains at customers. The technical characteristics of the steam generator allow you to cope with the frequent usage, which is so important for the textile decorator.

Ironing board Braun IB3001 BK


The Braun ironing board is the best in storage and easy to use. It is trimmed with a soft textile to simplify the process of ironing clothes, and has a special stand for an iron or steam generator. Rubber feet ensure that the board fits snugly on any surface, even on slippery tiled bathroom floors. And the height of the working surface is easy to choose for any height - it has seven possible degrees of installation.

The German brand Braun, a recognized leader in the world market of products for the kitchen and home, has become the partner of the Textile Designers and Decorators Award. Key brand categories are steam generators, irons and blenders. In 2021, the brand celebrated its 100th anniversary. The company believes that impeccable design can make your life easier.

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