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Our Exhibitors: Woolen plaids from Bryanskiy Kamvolny Kombinat

Aug 5, 2021


Bryanskiy Kamvolny Kombinat presents new product – woolen plaids. Bryanskiy Kamvolny Kombinat is the largest textile company in Russia that produces a wide range of European quality woolen fabrics.

The company started to produce woolen plaids using the best Russian and Italian technologies, as well as equipment for processing fine woolen fiber.

Now the company produces two lines of plaids:

  • “Comfort” line from yarn No. 6 (more voluminous and warmer)
  • “Thin wool” line from yarn No. 10 (the products are thinner and lighter).

A woolen plaid is a wonderful gift for any occasion!

Go to the website of Bryanskiy Kamvolny Kombinat to see the full range of the new collection.