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Our Exhibitors: Austrian manufacturer BANDEX will present “Gzhel” collection

Jun 29, 2021

BANDEX continues its work on finding the ideal solutions for the rhythm and rapport of folds, as well as transferring these options to the flow charts for its customers to use in their work. 

In September, the Company will present the “Gzhel” collection, which was developed by the partner - textile decorator Galina Lugina and made from fabrics kindly provided by the Spanish manufacturer SG Hogar.

As always, this is an experiment, as a result the Company obtained and transferred into the sewing scheme a double-sided curtain without a single seam on the front and back sides. The samples demonstrate the peculiarities of how to work with curtain tapes, but also the sewing technology of the product as a whole.

It will be about rhythm, it will be about rapport, it will be about 5 technologists and a designer working on the project!

BANDEX is waiting at its booth and at the presentation within the framework of the business program, where Galina Lugina, Tatyana Chernykh and Martin Grübener will be happy to share the discoveries made within the framework of this project, as well as technological maps!

See you at the exhibition!

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