Alchemy. Authors: textile decoractors Natalia Zorina, Maria Belova, industry expert Anna Runof


“Eco-Frendly Design is not an opinion. It’s the only way to go ”


Gathering around the table is an old Russian tradition. Here the family discusses plans in the morning and meets for dinner in the evening. Here the children do their homework, and the head of the family reads the press. Reasonable consumption is the basis of the family budget and future generations. Recycling is a responsible attitude towards the future of our children.

The alchemy of cooking, the chemistry of the senses - everything happens at the table. The dining room is the prototype of the laboratory. Here ideas are born and here they find their embodiment.

The design of the room is inspired by the palette and looks of Heimtextil Trends 21/22 REWILD and REINFORCE. A color scheme based on warm ocher tones combined with rich indigo, light slate and unbleached wool - these shades surround us in the fall outside the city.

The ecology of life means not only clean air, food and water, it is the ecosystem of society. Relationships, habits, rituals are what we are surrounded by on a daily basis.

Returning to authentic, natural sources gives us purification, both physical and spiritual. Simple textures, rough, rough surfaces create an atmosphere of purity and clarity. We see the essence of things, we begin to appreciate the present, we get rid of falsehood and toxicity.

Nature has come up with many scenarios for the development of events and provided us with tools with which we can decorate the space around us and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Sustainable sources of raw materials - such as hemp, flax, jute, sisal - these unpretentious materials are low-tech in processing and undemanding in care. Natural dyes give us a wide range of colors and are safe for water bodies.

Recycled materials allow raw materials to be reused, solving the issue of environmental pollution. In this way, the chemical industry works for the benefit of the environment. In recent years, fabric manufacturers have taken recycling and eco-production seriously. TRENDROOM presents fabrics of brands that support and actively develop the ecology of production.

  • FR-One – коллекция RE-INVENT из переработанного ПЭТ пластика сохранила свойства огнестойкости, характерные для всей продукции FR-One
  • Designers Guild – коллекция LISBON представлена материей из сырья, переработанного из изделий индустрии моды, при производстве тканей не используется углеводород
  • Boko – коллекция Holland velvet из переработанного морского пластика, производство AOQIAO TEX сертифицировано Global Recycle Standart
  • JHM – коллекция тканей из льна и конопли, коллекция INDIGO окрашенная природными красителями
  • Peite – компания минимизирующая углеродный след, использующая эко упаковку, отказавшаяся от одноразового пластика на производстве
  • Sohocut – коллекции при производстве которых задействована высокотехнологичная система очистки сточных вод, класса 1a
  • FR-One - the RE-INVENT collection made from recycled PET plastic retains the fire retardant properties of all FR-One products
  • Designers Guild - LISBON collection consists of fabrics from raw materials, recycled from the fashion industry, no hydrocarbons are used in the production of fabrics
  • Boko - Holland velvet collection made from recycled marine plastic, AOQIAO TEX production is certified by Global Recycle Standart
  • JHM - collection of linen and hemp fabrics, INDIGO collection dyed with natural dyes
  • Peite is a carbon footprint company that uses eco-friendly packaging that has eliminated single-use plastics in manufacturing
  • Sohocut - collections in the production of which a high-tech wastewater treatment system, class 1a is involved

In addition to a careful attitude to consumed resources, an important factor is the understanding of a sufficient number of objects around us. Scandinavian interiors are a great example here. Minimalism in the interior does not mean the absence of objects at all. First of all, it is the presence of what is really necessary, long-term in operation and functional. Renewal of the interior can be insignificant if initially the interior is assembled thoughtfully and responsibly, taking into account the future development.

Choose wisely, use the present.


Fabrics made from yarns made from recycled materials

It all starts with the personality. Algalita founder and director of research, Captain Charles Moore, was the first to discover a soup made of plastic wreckage in the northeastern Pacific Gyre known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Algalita Marine Research and Education, the One Ocean Foundation and similar organizations have been working at all levels for over 20 years to understand the system malfunction that is causing the plastic pollution crisis.

From science to politics, technological innovation and changing the disposable culture, there is a wide range of activities for companies concerned with the environmental issues of the ocean.

Fabric manufacturers have not avoided such a serious problem.

On the example of the fabrics of FR-One, Designers Guild, Boko, the result of an integrated approach to solving a difficult situation is visible. The trend of responsible design has been at the heart of the creation of new collections in recent years. By studying the needs of partners and end customers, as well as environmental issues, manufacturers have realized the importance of reuse, recycling and repurposing. This ultimately led to the creation of collections from new types of recycled yarns, obtained from used PET bottles, recycled products of the fashion industry.

Such fabrics not only preserve the ecology of the planet, but are also safe for the user. For example, certified to the 100 OekoTex standard, FR-One fabrics are not only self-extinguishing, but they do not release harmful additives or chemicals into the environment, making them safe for human contact.

With over 50% recycled polyester in accordance with the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), RE-Boot and RE-Juvenate fabrics are perfect for the modern consumer.

The Designers Guild - Lisbon collection last year won the Best Fabric Collection award at ELLE Decoration UK. DG were among the first in the industry to not use hydrocarbons in production. The Lisbon collection consists entirely of raw materials from the fashion industry.

Boko - Holland velvet uses recycled marine plastic yarns. The company has developed the AOQIAO TEX recycling method certified by the Global Recycle Standard. Watch the video

Are you personally ready to take on a piece of responsibility for nature?

It's not that difficult. Help friends and colleagues understand a simple truth: to change the world, all you have to do is change yourself.



Manders Pav. 7, stand No. 7B110

The MANDERS company has been known to a wide range of buyers since 1996. We are known as a reliable supplier of decorative materials in the Russian market for leading world brands produced in England, France, USA, etc.

Buyers always have at their disposal bright colors, sophisticated intelligent shades, soft textiles, beautiful wallpapers, austere skirting boards, wall and floor tiles, modern and traditional plaster moldings, excellent carpets and carpets, as well as the opportunity to order a service for sewing and renovating furniture. We understand well how important it is for a buyer to pick up and buy everything he needs in one place. This saves valuable time.

The room's walls and baseboard are painted with Intelligent Matt Emulsion from Little Greene's smart paint collection, a washable, versatile matt paint with a gloss level of only 5%.

Ideal for walls in common areas, including kitchens, corridors, children's and bathrooms. Safe for children, environmentally friendly for nature.

Shade Bassoon ™ No. 336

Before deep ocher tones were used in the back rooms of lush mansions (dirt is not very noticeable on them), but today the unobtrusive and versatile Bosson ™ №336 is boldly painted on the walls of the living room and even the bedroom. This shade is especially appreciated by people of art: designer furniture, paintings, graphics, ceramics look especially expressive and accentuated against its background.

297 Hopper ™ (Edwardian)

The wooden window frames of the playwright George Bernard Shaw's home are painted in this vibrant, energetic green color on the outside. Shaw was born in Portobelo, Dublin, he loved nature and found inspiration in his garden. It is admirable how this shade matches the color of the foliage of the trees in the garden, through which the sunlight streams.

311 Goblin™ (1930-е)

The most prominent resident of Snowhill Estate in Gloucestershire was Charles Paget Wade, an architect, artist, poet, and collector. Already at the age of only seven, he began collecting objects that reflected his interest in design, handicraft and color. By the time he donated his home to the National Trust, he had 22,000 items in his collection, as a result of which Wade was forced to move into a small house in the garden. A joke lover, he was known for his habit of poking fun at guests, and his neighbor, Mrs. Graham Greene, described him as "half goblin", she "did not like the way he laughs with himself" in her presence.

Plaids on chairs are made of fabrics from the Designers Guild collection:

Lisbon (67% cotton, 23% pes, 10% viscose)

In the spring of 2019, Designers Guild is proud to unveil the innovative Lisbon collection of recycled fabrics. Became one of the first in the industry that does not use hydrocarbons in production. The collection is entirely made up of raw materials recycled from the fashion industry - we worked with a supplier who has developed accredited methods to transform waste fabrics into good quality yarn. Lisbon is available in a wide color palette from neutral earthy tones to more vibrant hues.

Birkett (64% pes, 34% acrylic, 2% viscose)

A multifunctional chenille in a monochromatic design is suitable not only for making blankets, but also for pillows, curtains, accessories of various types, as well as for upholstery. The 100,000 Martindale test guarantees long-term upholstery life, allowing the fabric to be used in commercial projects. Important - the fabric can be washed and ironed.


Natural carpets from Azerbaijan from 100% sheep wool, shelf life 100 years. Forum Pavilion, stand no. FC40

Azerkhalcha OJSC is the largest manufacturer of handmade carpets in Azerbaijan.

Factories are located in all regions of Azerbaijan. Depending on the region, carpets differ in ornamentation, density, combination of materials used (cotton, wool, silk), pile height.

The room features geometric rugs from a new experimental collection, handcrafted (100% wool)


TREARTEX (с прозрачным фоном)

Treartex Pavilion 7, stand 7B92

Since 2002, Treartex LLC has been presenting and developing non-flammable fabrics for public facilities such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, educational and medical institutions, transport and others.

Most of the collection of fabrics is used in private interiors. Low-flammable fabrics are especially popular in nurseries, in country wooden houses.

Our company has earned the trust of many clients and has established partnerships with a large number of organizations. Having a clear understanding of the needs of customers and having extensive experience behind us, we are ready to offer optimized solutions for your tasks.

The following fabrics are presented in the room:

Rusintex (100% Trevira CS)

The Treartex company, relying on its many years of experience in the supply of foreign flame-retardant textiles, has developed and launched into production the first Rusintex collection of flame-retardant polyester fibers (Trevira CS) in the Russian Federation. The collection corresponds to the quality and properties of European manufacturers and includes decorative and upholstery fabrics. Today we have 6 articles of matting - used both for furniture products and for curtains and 1 article of chenille. In the future, it is planned to expand the range.

This collection is suitable for specialists who work with objects where there are requirements for import substitution, as well as with clients who support domestic production.

FR-One Re-Invent collection:

“We cannot just pass up the opportunity to make our world environmentally sustainable.” @ecowarriorprincess

Responsible design trend was at the heart of the approach to creating a new collection. By studying the needs of our partners and end customers, as well as environmental issues, we realized the importance of reuse, recycling and repurposing, which ultimately led to the creation of RE-Invent.

Certified to the 100 Oeko-Tex standard, FR-One fabrics do not emit harmful additives or chemicals into the environment, making them completely safe for human contact.

For the first time for FR-One, the RE-Invent collection features six new fabrics made from recycled polyester, fully certified and compliant with the Global Recycling Standard (GRS).

To decorate the room were used: 

RE-Juvenate (60% recycled polyester FR, 40% polyester FR) is a plastic dimout with a linen texture and volume effect, thanks to a combination of matte and shiny yarns. Washable at 71 * C.

RE-Boot 57% recycled polyester FR, 43% polyester FR) - consists of multi-colored yarn with the addition of lurex, so this dimout plays very interestingly with light. Washable at 71 * C.

The pillows in the room are made of Treartex velvet, art. 8099

Composition: 55% Recycled PES FR 45% PES FR

LogoNew(small size)

The international company AROMAgroup is a developer and manufacturer of equipment and fragrances for room aromatization.

The quality of the fragrance is very important - it is part of the air we breathe. Therefore, we cooperate with perfume houses that have IFRA, SCCS, REACH, RIFM certificates - these are Givaudan (Switzerland), Symrise (Germany), TAKASAGO (Japan), MANE (France). On our order, both perfume bases and ready-made fragrances are produced - there are 4000 items in the library, of which we maintain 200 in stock. Therefore, we can easily choose a unique aroma for a specific room and required tasks.

Scenting is more than just creating a pleasant scent for a room or brand. Research shows that smells affect 75% of our daily emotions and play a significant role in memory. The sense of smell differs from other senses in that it is processed first by the limbic system. This part of the brain is also responsible for memory, imagination and emotions. The rest of the senses are first directed through the analytical, rational part of the brain. Therefore, it is the sense of smell, which at first glance is a very simple feeling, but has a huge role in emotions and decisions.

Used in the room:

Cafe 1000 - suitable for rooms up to 400 square meters, designed for 1200 cubic meters The intuitive control unit allows you to set up to 5 intervals of the device for each day and up to 10 levels of aroma intensity within each interval. The device is controlled from the phone via the application.

Shop 300 - suitable for rooms up to 100 sq. floor or attach to the wall.

Aroma Meadow grasses - The variety of meadow plants, flowers, shapes, aromas is impressive and mesmerizing with its beauty. The incomparable juicy greens of cereals in this composition are diluted with fresh floral and mint notes. Does not cause allergies. Base of aroma: mint. Heart: white acacia, lemongrass. Top notes: greens, grapefruit, orange.


Cornices of the "Stuart" collection from the Ujut company - Pavilion 7, stand 7A111

Collection "Stuart" - cornices are ash wood round cornices.

The diameter of the rod is 45 mm, in the double-row cornices the second rod is 35 mm.

In addition to the rods, to which the curtains are attached with rings, the Stewart collection has rod-profiles with built-in aluminum rails for attaching the curtains to the runners with hooks.

Classic tip shapes, reliable brackets for rods and profile rods, Bay windows for complex curtain rods ensure the stable popularity of the Stewart collection among professionals. The colors of the Stewart collection: ash, acacia, dark chestnut.


“Like you, we care about the environment. We are La Redoute, La Redoute Collections, La Redoute Intérieurs, AMPM. And also these are large brands, of which 70 partners participate with us in this responsible approach. Many others will join us tomorrow. We must all act to preserve the future. "

Produce less but better

Making only ordered products means using fewer resources and less waste. This already applies to most of our collections.

100% responsible wood by 2025
In 2022, we expect to reach 30% sustainable wood. This certified and traceable wood comes from sustainably managed forests, that is, using methods to protect the health and longevity of forests during their exploitation.

More natural materials

When it comes to home textiles, we prefer non-irrigated flax and hemp with very little phytosanitary.

100% compliant with 90% of the factories we inspected

Fair working conditions for us and our partners.

  • With a length of 2 meters and a solid oak finish, the Vova bench fits into any interior. Whether in the hallway, around a table or as a bedside bench, this Vova is very practical everywhere.
  • Malu table in solid pine. Natural finish, aged effect. Waxed. Its cozy simplicity invites you to gather around.
  • Kirsti chairs with birch frame. The wicker seat and modern silhouette of this comfy chair will appeal to everyone.
  • Cordo lampshades in the form of a ball and a cylinder, hand-woven from natural bamboo. Naturally, they scatter light.
  • Jania lampshades are available in different sizes. Want a little natural touch? Choose this lampshade. Made of raffia, it diffuses warm, subdued light. Can be used alone or in combination with other decorative items. 
  • Mila planter is hand-woven. Your most beautiful plants look great in this authentic style straw planter. The Mila hanging planter is a beautiful way to naturally highlight your plants or decor. 
  • Lamps of the Cordo collection made of natural bamboo, hand-woven. 
  • The Jania collection luminaires are made of raffia, diffusing a warm, subdued light. Raffia lampshade. White epoxy coated metal frame.
  • Bambu planter on a bamboo stand. The retro-inspired Bambu collection is a stand-up planter that will add a touch of charm to your living room or room.
  • Metal chair in vintage style, DAFFO. Daffo chairs in a minimalist vintage style, with a padded back and seat, they combine comfort with a flawless look.
  • Théophane chair by designer Emmanuel Gallin, exclusive to AM.PM: Lovely light, airy and very modern design.

La Redoute


This hanging tent chair is hand-woven by craftswoman Daria Novikova.

A hammock cord was used for weaving.



WilliZ Assistance is one of WilliZ's areas of expertise that provides useful services for curtain salons. Including reviews of exhibitions, factories and trends in the textile market. We are partners of key textile exhibitions in Europe and Asia and organize business tours for designers.

For Assistance, we have selected the best offer from more than 300 factories, reviews of which you can find on the website.

Excellent assortment, European level, only selected factories.
20 factories, mainly Chinese, are connected, which work with their own collections.

To decorate our room, we used the fabrics of the collections:

Peite, Sohocut, JHM, Boko

  • Installation 1 presents fabrics of the following articles:

JHM 20200819 (100% hemp) - a thin plain hemp fabric, can be used for curtains and bed linen, w. 140

Sohocut 2121-12 (97% pes 3% acrylic) - boucle fabric, ideal for upholstery, covers and pillows, w. 140

Peite 1663 - jacquard fabric with a tight weave with a geometric pattern, good for upholstery and Japanese panels

  • Cornice 2 is decorated with fabrics:

Sohocut 2121-11 (50% pes 40% viscose 10% lin) - upholstery fabric weaving matting

Sohocut 2006-07 (95% pes 5% acrylic) - boucle fabric for upholstery and cushions

Peite 1663 - striped jacquard fabric for curtains, roman blinds and accessories

  • Cornice 3 with fabric curtains:

Peite 1678 (100% pes) - jacquard curtain fabric with small geometric patterns in the Mid-Century style, width 140

Peite 1676 (100% pes) - flexible jacquard with a large geometric pattern, well suited for curtains, Roman blinds, bedspreads and pillows, width 140

JHM 20200820 (100% hemp) - heavy and flexible hemp fabric, fits well with soft folds, suitable for curtains and accessories, w. 140

  • Cornice 4 is supplemented with fabric:

Peite 1751 (100% pes) - jacquard fabric with a large geometric pattern, suitable for both heavy curtains and upholstery, width 140

The pouf on the bench is made of Sohocut 2120-01 fabric (100% pes) - the volumetric texture of jacquard with a pattern in the “Chanel” style is created thanks to bouclé threads, this fabric is good on upholstery, pillows and blankets, w. 143

Tablecloth: JHM 20200817 (25% silk, 75% linen) An interesting pattern on the fabric in the form of an uneven stain is obtained when the fabrics are dyed with natural dyes, The fabric is suitable for light curtains and accessories, w. 140

Napkins: JHM 56 (100% linen) - softened medium density linen, w. 280

The napkins are printed by hand with water-resistant acrylic dyes.

Printing by printing with wooden stamps. Authors: Zorina N., Belova M.

Lace on gray napkins is dyed with natural dye (alder with the addition of black tea leaves)

Chair-tent seat: Peite 1798 (2% wool 2% linen 4% acrylic 92% pf) - jacquard upholstery fabric with a geometric pattern and original texture, w. 140

Tent-chair pillows: Peite 1792a (1% wool 4% linen 95% pes) - jacquard companion to the seat, upholstery fabric with diagonal ribbing, w. 140

Separately, the Boko Holland velvet collection deserves a mention, from which the pillows are made:

Boko Holland velvet BK081 (100% recycled pes) - plastic velvet made from PET bottles. All raw materials are fully produced according to GRS (global recycled standards). Full cycle from verification and tracking of processed raw materials to the finished product. Plastic bottles are sent to the processing plant, washed and chips are pressed from them. Then the chips go to the production of threads and then to the weaving mill. Velvet can be produced with varying levels of recycled yarn from 60-100%. The density can be 220/250/270/280/290/300 / GSM. And the width of fabrics can be different 145/280/290/300/310 / 320cm. Min production batch 500 meters / color

PANTONE - Pavilion 7, stand 7A33

In 1963, Pantone revolutionized the printing industry with the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, an innovative tool that accurately selects, reproduces and reproduces consistent and accurate colors anywhere in the world. The instrument was a color standard with its own numbering system and format of solid samples, which have since become iconic for the Pantone brand. Pantone's color language supports all color industries - textiles, apparel, cosmetics, interiors, architectural and industrial design - and covers over 10,000 color standards for a variety of materials including printing, textiles, plastics, pigments and coatings.

A sample of the Light booth is provided in the room

Color can look different in different lighting conditions - outdoors, in daylight, in retail stores, in your home, and wherever food may end up. Your clients are likely to have very specific lighting requirements when approving samples. Metameric effects, when two colors match under one light but differ under another, if you don't spot them early on, can lead to the loss of a serious order. That is why a strict and comprehensive passage to the organization of visual color assessment is so important.

PANTONE Lighting Booths are stylishly designed to enhance any workspace, and provide precise lighting options including daylight, store lighting and home lighting to help you adequately spot color deviations and metameric effects early on.


Shelf with hooks made by the company's craftsmen from solid oak, hooks - steel powder coated

The hanger-installation was made according to the project of the designers. The hanger serves as a hanging holder for plant pots and as a hanger for displaying fabrics. Such a composition can decorate the interior or showcase of a curtain salon.





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