Workshop. Author: Yesenia Semipyadnaya

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An artist's studio is a room that praises the artist in the broadest sense of the word. Not only an artist, painter, creative craftsman, but also a person as a creator. The consumer society defined him as a consumer, but in fact all people are creators by nature. They are able to create new amazing things, new paintings, new art.

Everything in this room is saturated with creative energy and corresponding attributes. Easels, canvases, an endless variety of amazingly beautiful fabrics.

“I wanted to show that everyone is an artist,” says Yesenia Semipyadnaya about the concept of the room. - "Everyone can relax and do something interesting, not to be constrained by rules and foundations."

To create this creative space, the decorators were inspired by the images of the workshops of great artists - Monet, Picasso, images of great women creators such as Iris Ipfield, paintings by Jackson Polock and Mark Rodko. Creative disorder, a riot of colors, wonderful madness reign here.



Ujut - Pavilion 7, stand 7A111

Stuart Cornices - Ash Wood Round Cornices

Classic tip shapes, reliable brackets for rods and profile rods, bay windows for complex curtain rods ensure the stable popularity of the Stewart collection among professionals.

Sintra collection cornices

The Sintra collection consists of steel, brass tips of complex ellipsoid shapes. The brackets of the collection, like the tips, have smooth lines. All products of the Sintra collection can be made according to the Top-Decor color table. Coloring is also possible according to Tikkurila and RAL catalogs.

Cornice COMPACT-Lip

Aluminum, (article 807) with a lifting mechanism for Roman blinds. Additional option: steel decorative plumb bob 20 mm, the tip of which is painted yellow.

  • Upholstery fabric from the PUSHANG TEXTILE CONCEPT collection. Jacquard with raffia fibers - palm straw. Upholstery decorative fabric. Martindale test 20,000 cycles. Composition: 55% cotton, 5% linen, 21% raffia, 19% rayon
  • Curtain fabric from the PUSHANG TEXTILE CONCEPT collection. The embroidered cotton fabric is named Pollock after the American artist Jackson Pollock. Machine wash at 30C is allowed. 100% cotton
  • Curtain fabric from the PUSHANG TEXTILE CONCEPT collection. Satin weave cotton fabric with print and embroidery with tree bark pattern. Machine wash at 30C is allowed. 100% cotton
  • Curtain fabric from the PUSHANG TEXTILE CONCEPT collection. Surprisingly realistic imitation of batik, a vinyl "reserve" is laid along the contour of the ornament. 100% cotton
  • Curtain fabric from the PUSHANG TEXTILE CONCEPT collection. Jacquard 280cm wide with graphic design. Machine wash at 30C is allowed. 100% Polyester
  • Curtain fabric from the Cinotex collection by ESENIYA. Fabric from the compilation by Yesenia Semipyadnaya. 
  • Embroidery on fabrics 280cm wide. Machine wash at 30C is allowed. 15% linen, 85% polyester
  • Curtain fabric from the Cinotex collection by ESENIYA. Fabric from a compilation by Yesenia Semipyadnaya. Embroidery on fabrics 280cm wide. Machine wash at 30C is allowed. 15% linen, 85% polyester

 Cinotex - Pav. 7, stand 7В38


Wallpapers - Decaro, Pav. 7, stand 7В101

  • From the KT FLAGMAN collection (paper, duplex). The collection of flagship catalogs of the KT EXCLUSIVE Flagman Series brand unites all possible themes and styles of wall coverings demanded by the Russian buyer. Provence and classics, English style and art deco, loft and geometry - all this and much more is now on the pages of one brand.
  • From the COORDONNE collection (non-woven). COORDONNE is a family-owned company founded in 1978 by Carmen López de Lamadrid. Over the years, Carmen and her team have created unique and distinctive wall coverings and coordinated fabrics of the highest quality. COORDONNE - delightful collections of wallpapers and panels from the life-loving Spaniards! Each collection has its own story of inspiration and creation of designs, the colors of the patterns are rich, the themes are varied.
  • From the MINDTHEGAP collection (non-woven). MINDTHEGAP is an extraordinary brand from Romania. Each roll proudly bears the sign: Made in Transylvania. Each new MINDTHEGAP collection is passion and creativity in its original form, modern technology and materials of impeccable quality. MINDTHEGAP designers draw inspiration from the art world, developing truly exclusive designs and prints.
  • Each pattern is the result of observations, emotions and dreams. One glance at a painting, photograph or illustration is enough to create a unique panel that can decorate any interior.

Aroma diffuser from the Mosaic collection - Bago Home Pav. 7, booth 7B71

BAGO home aroma diffusers are oil-based, thanks to which they have a cleaner aroma and at the same time evaporate more slowly. Depending on the air temperature, the aroma unfolds in different ways: at low temperatures, citrus notes sound brighter, at high temperatures you hear tart notes of pomegranate wine.


Upholstery fabric - Pav. 7, stand 7A32

Upholstery fabric for an armchair from the Lambre Polo 280 collection (100% polyester).

Easy Clean impregnated fabric that allows you to easily clean the surface of any type of dirt. The smart EASY CLEAN technology is a balance between practicality and visual appeal in textiles.

логотип ТДЛ_page-0001

TDL Textile - Pav.7, booth 7А34 

To decorate the trend room, natural linen and semi-linen fabrics of TM "Kostroma Linen Manufactory 1866" were used.

The Kostroma Linen Manufactory is not just natural flax products. It is a revival and continuation of the rich textile traditions of our country. The range of manufactured products is formed based on the desires and needs, inspired by modern trends, tastes, and lifestyle. In production, only natural fibers are used (flax or linen in combination with cotton). Linen fabrics range from thin and smooth to dense, durable, slightly rough.

Additional treatments make the fabric softer and more tactile. When dyeing, vat dyes are used, which allow you to preserve the original color after numerous washes. Linen fabrics are an environmentally friendly and conscious choice, taking care of ourselves and the environment.


Plinths, moldings, paint - Manders (Orac), Pav. 7, booth 7B110

  • Little Greene, 94 Canton
  • The Intelligent Matt Emulsion interior paint from Little Greene's smart paint collection is a versatile matt paint with a gloss level of only 5% that can be washed!
  • Ideal for walls in common areas, including kitchens, corridors, children's rooms and bathrooms.
  • Safe for children, environmentally friendly for nature.




Curtains, tablecloth - Pav. 7, booth 7B123

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