Nature. Author: Olga Loktionova, textile decorator

Ольга Локтионова_подрезка

The interior objects here are made from what nature herself gave to people - tree bark, stones, storm trees and sticks. For example, the author's bed headboard is made by hand from the bark of eucalyptus, collected after a rainstorm in Abkhazia.

The use of recycling, production of fabrics and products with added specifications that ensure durability in use allows to create unique design based on natural motifs.

Artificial fabrics are also inspired by nature, colored by stone, sand, trees and greenery, sea and lake smoothness.

Artificial linen, recycled cotton and linen, non-combustible technical fabrics, blended fabrics (linen, cotton, polyester) - all these fabrics are as good as natural fabrics, and sometimes even win, visually and tactilely.

This is built into the concept of resource conservation - not to throw away plastic, fabric scraps, rags, but to give them a second life. Currently, technology allows us to do this, and designers clearly show consumers a new level of production and a new level of quality of decorative materials.

The panels, walls, lighting fixtures are all made by artisans and designers who took inspiration from what nature herself created.

The room is divided into two zones.

Relaxation zone is a place of comfort (as an allegory - the bed), which fills the inner energy, gives life and creates dreams. The bed takes center stage and is slightly off the ground, thus emphasizing the pursuit of dreams. It is bedecked with the author's linen made of natural linen, which symbolizes belonging to art and history. The window is decorated with the author's curtains created from different types of fabrics - natural, recycled, synthetic non-flammable, decorated with paintings and embroidery.

The "touch" zone is an allegory of the bedroom office. Modern realities are such that we often work where we sleep. Handmade table and chaise longue decorated with linen and upholstery fabric.

A team of Sochi designers and artists worked on the creation of the stand. The décor, embroidery, paintings and even the furniture are handmade, and the stand contains artifacts generously donated by the nature of the Caucasus.

Members of the Sochi team also participated in the creation of the project:

Oscar Adamiya (artist), Anna Mishchenko (designer), Diana Kalinkina (designer, author of furniture).


TREARTEX (с прозрачным фоном)

Non-combustible interior fabrics TREARTEX (art.1443-23, 2123-03) – TREARTEX, Pav. 7, booth 7B92

Have high-quality technological non-combustible fiber. Suitable for contract markets due to compliance with RF fire safety legislation. Composition: 100% recycled fabrics from PET bottles, non-flammable.


Non-combustible, hypoallergenic tulle from Reflection collection (art. 2747/11) - ESPOCADA, Pav. 7, booth 7C90 / 7C100

Fire resistance is not achieved by impregnation, but by a special twisted fiber, in the molecular structure of which phosphorus-organic compounds are introduced. Composition: 100% polyester.


Floor lamp from the "Emden" collection in eco-style - REGENBOGEN, Pav. 8.1, booth 81C45

Made of wooden plates of Russian ash, joined closer to the bottom on a wooden base. Economical energy consumption due to LED.


Wallpaper ARCHITECTOR – DECARO, Pav. 7, booth 7В101

A collection of designs inspired by the scorching sun of the African desert, rich in metallic colors and shimmering glass beads. Composition: fleece.


Acrylic matte paint ARGILE collection Ocre Havane - MANDERS, Pav. 7, booth 7B110 

The creators of the paint draw their inspiration from the hues of nature.

Interior fabric, ALDECO 



Boleyn collection fabric (322615), ZOFFANY – MANDERS, Pav. 7, booth 7B110

Complex kaleidoscopic colors convey the breath of the forest in the late fall months. Composition: 67% cotton, 17% linen, 16% viscose, 20000 martindale, flame resistant: BS5867 P2TB


Fabric Polo - a new kind of ethical fabric, 100% made from recycled fibers. - DECOSPHERA, Pav. 7, booth 7B32

Polo fabric's mission is not only to beautify the interior, but also the planet, reducing plastic pollution and problems from cotton production. It has Greenpeace, GRS, BCI, GOTS, AEO, etc. certificates.

Production of the fabric reduces water consumption by 55% and energy consumption by 62%, reduces pesticide use and greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton production.


Ткано лого

Carpet Pune from collection Ethnic - TKANO, Pav. 7, booth 7В62  

Composition: 100% cotton

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