Tumbleweed. Author: Ekaterina Egorova, textile decorator


The idea of the room is based on the concept of climate change. This room is a beautiful allegory of the dual position of modern people.

On the one hand, humanity has worked hard to change the natural ecosystem, and now faces phenomena that sooner or later will force people to change their environment - literally and figuratively.

On the other hand, climate change has forced us to rethink our relationship to natural resources, to replace their wasteful and thoughtless use with a more conscious and careful one. They have forced us to develop technologies and new ways of producing fabrics that no longer harm nature.

The irony is that the humanity use these new fabrics to create its own ecological environment that will protect it in the face of a changing planet.

The room represents the tent of a modern nomad. Today he lives in a metropolis, tomorrow he travels on the savannah with a tent over his shoulders. It is the tent that has become the image of home. It is a personal comfort zone, a home, which the man always carries with him, here he feels protected. And the practicality and environmental friendliness of the materials come to the fore.

Textiles act as a protective shell - repels odors, moisture and dirt, protects against UV rays. Natural materials create a feeling of closeness to nature. 



Curtain rails – DCHome, Pav. 7, booth 7А110

Completion / production Italy, Holland 

миродим текстиль верт_лого_°

Fabric on the screen Myrodim, Linder factory (France) - Pav. 7, booth 7A22

Outdoor fabric, impermeable, has UV protection, and also protects against fungus. Composition: 100 % PS 

Espocada_logo — копия_page-0001

Curtains - Espocada Pav. 7, booth 7C90 / 7C100

From the author's collection of fabrics by Finnish designer Maarit Salolainen, created in collaboration with Venesto brand. Wool, linen, viscose.  




Decor made of 100% recycled furniture eco fabric (collection Lisa 191) - Soyuz М, Pav.7, booth 7А32

Thanks to modern Biancalani Brio24 technology, which enhances tactile performance, products even from recycled plastic make the most delicate cloths.

Furniture fabric décor by American brand Crypton with patented protective impregnation - Soyuz М, Pav.7, booth 7А32

Repels odors, moisture and dirt, provides easy cleaning, impregnation inside the yarn protects throughout the life of the fabric, has certificates of noncombustibility.



Acrylic matte paint ARGILE Vegetal (Nori V14)Manders, Pav. 7, booth 7B110 


Wall panel (collection COORDONNE)Decaro, Pav. 7, booth 7В101

The collection takes you to the magical world of the East, and hand-painted panels will fill the beauty of everyday life.


Traditional Azerbaijani carpets made of 100% sheep's wool (Hil-Afshan and Shabalyt-But collections) - Azerxalca Pav. Forum, booth FC40


Handmade lamp made of natural rattan fibers (Rattan collection) - Regenbogen Lighting, Pav. 8.1, booth 81C45 


Aromatic diffusers on an oil basis of plant origin (mixture of aromatic oils) - Bago Home Pav. 7, booth 7B71


Faux fur plaid (BAZSO) – La Redoute, Pav. 7, booth 7A35


Home Textiles - Luxberry - Pav. 7, booth 7A71

  • Bed sheet LINEN, Composition: 50% flax, 50% cotton
  • Coverlet SHANTY, Composition: 83% cotton, 17% flax
  • Home slippers for men. Composition: 83% cotton, 17% flax
  • Serving ring TABLE LINE. Composition: 50% cotton, 50% flax
  • Linen napkin. Composition: 100% cotton
  • Decorative napkin. Composition: 50% cotton, 50% flax
  • Set of 2 towels CHEF ASSISTANT. Composition: 100% flax
  • Set of towels SPA2. Composition: 97% cotton, 3% flax
  • Zip purse ECO CITY. Composition: 50% flax, 50% cotton
  • Linen shoulder bag ECO CITY. Composition: 50% flax,50% cotton
  • Gown. Composition: 100% cotton

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